Friends of

Beartown State Forest

The Friends primary mission is to provide information and involvement to maintain the experience of enjoying and preserving Beartown State Forest while remaining safe during your stay. We also are involved in the following issues:

We need your input. We are not asking you for money. This place is very special. Most visitors, once experiencing your park, become very passionate advocates. We return often to the forest, ponds and trails and want to keep things as they are at each visit. This will happen with your involvement. Content for these pages, comments and suggestions on any issues are welcome by sending email to . You can also receive email notifications concerning issues of the park by sending us a quick email.

Enjoy your visits and we hope to see you on the trails!


Lets be ready.  There have been cutbacks in funding and staffing in our state parks and forests. Example, our close neighbor forest, Sandisfield, had all staff removed and a very popular well kept beach and restroom facility closed this year. We need to have a quick way of notifying your Beartown community in the event this happens here. Send us a brief email to have your email address so we can let you know. We may have to ask our Beartown community to express concerns to state officials when this happens to us. Email to .