* Camping Reservations rules for Fall clarified.  See the camping page. Click here.

* New Video on YouTube.  Click here

* Hunting Seasons are open. Seasons for deer are open through December  30th. Other seasons are open through March 8, 2018.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS of  fishing and hunding seasons.

NON HUNTING VISITORS NOTE: The hunting community that frequents Beartown are dedicated safe hunting sportspersons who cooperate with hunting rules of the state. There are specific restrictions for hunters to stay away from roadways and general public areas. Wilderness hiking trails do pass through open hunting areas. In the event you are hiking in the wilder parts of the forest through March it is necessary to wear a bright yellow or red hat to be very visible. It is advisable to hike on the roadways during this time.

* Lets be ready. There have been cutbacks in funding and staffing in our state parks and forests. Example, our close neighbor forest, Sandisfield, had all staff removed and a very popular well kept beach and restroom facility closed this year. We need to have a quick way of notifying your Beartown community in the event this happens here. Send us a brief email to have your email address so we can let you know. We may have to ask our Beartown community to express concerns to state officials when this happens to us. Email to .

* Littering and trash are being monitored very carefully this year. Please remember to clean up your area and take all trash with you or place in bin in the boat ramp lot. Fines are to $300 plus require court appearance. The state crime lab may be analyzing evidence left behind. Any town or state law enforcement officer can issues summonses.

“Hey..its your park!”

* Rough Roads Benedict Pond Road is the only paved road from Benedict Pond to South Lee. It is mostly paved but contains some very rough washed out areas caused by recent heavy rains. The non paved roads are rough as well. Take it slow to enjoy the many things in nature along the road. Maintain 15mph or less on park roads. Use common sense navigating over these areas. Remember you are miles from repair services. And cell service is not available in most parts of the park.


Beartown State Forest INFORMATION